Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hi, Hello, and How do you do?

Post number one. Aah, finally. I have been thinking about blogging for a while now. I just never knew what to post about. Anytime I did research on blogging, people try to tell you to pick a topic. I can't commit to one topic! No way, no how! So I am here to talk about whatever floats my boat.

Hi, Hello, and How do you do?

My name is Nancy.
You can call me the Sticker Queen! I am married to a wonderful guy and am mommy to a furry gal named Raisin. I enjoy the small things in life, along with writing, photography, traveling, eating, thunderstorms, and Spring.

My sweet husband!

Raisin Lynn
I'm glad you've stopped by. Stay a while

Let's get social! I have a Youtube channel where I do mainly unboxings, but also some other things.
Subscribe and like my videos; it would be really cool of you!

I'm always posting on Instagram, so swing on by!
I have multiple accounts.

Main @nancyycakess

 Here I post stuff from my everyday life!

Nature page @naturebynancy

 I post shots of my travels,

and lots of clouds and sunsets!

Edits @editsbynancy
I'm super proud of my edits page. I do lots of quotes from movies and lyrics, plus a few other things.

And of course, I have Pinterest!

Let's get to know each other! Talk to me in the comments and ta-ta for now!

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