Monday, February 20, 2017

Easy Homemade Alfredo

I bought some Rain-X today. It really does work wonders! The rain just slides off your windowshield and half the time if it's not a heavy pour, I don't even use the wipers that much. Anyways, it was a spray bottle and I guess it wasn't heavy enough to stay on my car. It kept falling off and finally, before I was even done with cleaning my car, the nozzle broke off entirely. SIGH. Let's just say I politely asked if it was kidding me right now. HA!  I was still able to use it, but seriously. I just bought it less than an hour ago and it breaks off. Sheesh.

Yeah, when I get mad, I yell. I cuss. I wanna break things. I'm a redhead who stays true to the hot-headed stereo-type. I had another moment later today. I was making homemade alfredo and I literally looked away for a minute or less and it all boils over. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. This crap happens to me all the time.

It was still edible. But by the time I was done cleaning up the mess, the pasta got a tad overcooked. Seriously. I need help.

I really had no idea how easy alfredo is to make. I bought some at the store (Bertolli, I think) and I've had another popular brand, but they SUCK. They taste nasty! So I went searching for how to make it. Booyah! Found an easy recipe! It will never be as good as my local Italian hub, but it will do for when I can't make it to the restaurant. (I am proud of myself, I always have trouble spelling restaurant).

Follow the link to get the recipe for homemade alfredo from Chef In Training!

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