Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Eating "Must-Try" Foods at Epcot!

My husband and I made our second visit to Epcot in Orlando, Florida. Epcot is such a neat place and it's got a nice relaxing feel.

Before the trip, I obsessed over different food options and must-try stuff (yes I am one of those researching-before-anything types!) and made a list for myself. I didn’t try all that much (definitely didn’t do the around the world taste test) since I am a choosy eater. Hehe. Choosy. You like that? I heard that not too long ago and I have used it a few times. 😃

So let me share with you some items I tried, along with picture, place, and price!

 In: Mexico
Where: La Cantina de San Angel
What: Tacos and churros
How much: $20-22
The first thing we ate (and it was lunch time, we hadn’t had breakfast and hangryness wasn’t too far in the future) were some tacos and churros at La Cantina de San Angel. Let me just say I am not really a Mexican eater. I will eat cheese quesadillas (redundant, I know) and my OWN tacos. I am weird about taco meat, and I don’t care for ground meat much (it’s all about the shredded/pulled!) BUT! I watched themissalliecakes Epcot video on Youtube and the taco/churro combination spoke to me. I had to try it! Let me tell you, the line was long. There were actually several lines and they were not moving. Hubbs told me to go ahead and grab a seat (glad I listened, he didn’t have to tell me twice!) and it was like 15-20 minutes before I saw him again.

lil birdy pal
At least I had a birdy pal to keep me company. He just wanted scraps. I didn’t take his picture, but there was this really annoying black bird that would seriously not shut his beak. I was scared I was going to get pooped on which actually happened to me my first-ever trip to Disneyworld. In my brand-new dress. I was not a happy camper.

Finally! Fooood! I let my husband dig into the tacos while I munched on the churros. The churros reminded me of Taco Bell’s cinnamon twists! They were good. They weren’t super warm which I think they might have been when first made lol. They came with caramel dipping sauce which I tried, but I am not a fan of caramel.

We switched and I ended up liking the tacos more than he did. I did not eat the beans and rice (yuck!) but gobbled the actual taco. It was pretty messy and had a lil heat to it. I loved it and I am not a fan of spicy foods. But it was so good! I was super happy it was pulled instead of ground, which I already knew this by researching beforehand. Yum! I know I said I had prices, but I lied…at least for here. My husband tossed the receipt so I don’t have exact price, but it was like $20-22 and that was with a coke.

In: Norway
Where: Norway Kringla Bake
What: SchoolBread & Troll Horn
How much: $7.97

Next up: Norway! I love Vikings. History Channel makes an excellent series that I just adore. We did not try to new Frozen ride because I didn’t want to wait 45 minutes quite yet (we saved that for Soarin'). At Kringla Bake, I knew I wanted to try to the schoolbread even though I knew I didn’t like coconut and I had a feeling I wouldn’t like the bread. Let’s be honest here: It was all about trying the cream for me. It looked so good! It’s like a vanilla custard but it wasn’t all that great. L It cost $3.49. The bread was like a lil bit cinnamony with like, fennel seeds or something. Not for me!


I also tried the Troll Horn, $3.99, which is a sugar crystal-coated crunchy pastry with some sort of berry-like cream in it. It wasn’t too bad but not the greatest neither. Oh well. All about new adventures, right?
Troll Horn

So after tax for both of those treats, the cost was $7.97. I am pretty sure that France was next. Or was it America? Germany? I can’t remember the order of things now. So let’s just go with it.

Cogsworth & Lumiere
In: France

Where: Boulangerie Patisserie des Halles
What: Macaroon
How much: $6.13

At Boulangerie Patisserie des Halles, I had to try the raspberry lime macaroon for $6.13 after tax.
I was hoping to pick it up and eat it like a sandwich like themissalliecakes does, but the bottom wasn’t firm enough. It was hardly even there, actually.
Raspberry-Lime Macaroon

I enjoyed the tartness which I thought was coming mostly from the raspberries, but it turned out it was mainly the lime cream that tarted it up. I couldn’t finish the whole thing, but did eat most of it.


In Germany, I tried the Nudel Gratin which I thought for sure I would love.

I didn’t.

It was a $4.57 (after tax) square of baked macaroni and cheese with a custard I think. The top was good, but the rest lacked flavor. I didn’t eat it all either.

Nudel Gratin

In: Germany
Where: Germany Sommerfest
What: Nudel Gratin
How much: $4.57

I did manage to see a couple of Disney Princesses!

Mulan in China
Alice in England
Snow White in Germany

Disclaimer: None of the children in the pictures are mine.


In: America
Where: Fife and Drum
What: American Dream
How Much: $4.75

In America, I had the American Dream for $4.75 (no tax was added). It had strawberry and blue raspberry slushie with vanilla ice cream. It was good but not as good as the Snow-Cream (same concept) I’ve had from a local vendor back home.

American Dream!
That was pretty much all the eats I had from Epcot. I didn’t get to have my Via Napoli pizza from Italy (which is what I had last time and yum!) or get to try the cream-cheese filled pretzel, but oh well. I will be back someday!
The Big Golf-Ball 😉

What are some of your favorite foods at Epcot? Have you tried any from my list and did you enjoy them? Talk to me in the comments and if you wanna see more from me, follow me! Thanks for reading and stopping by :)


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